TEACHER’S USE of TECHNOLOGY to ENHANCE EFL LEARNERS’ CRITICAL THINKING SKILLS Case Study: Biskra Secondary School Third Year Learners, Algeria

Through global development, critical thinking becomes one key component in our schools. Teaching critical thinking skills assists learners to become better thinkers in both classroom context and life situation. For this reason, teachers are working hard to find workable strategies to enhance their learners' critical thinking skills. Therefore, many of them try to use technology in order to rich their goal. This paper is important in the sense that it attempts to describe the role of technology in enhancing EFL learners ‘critical thinking skills because learners are supposed to be critical thinkers by using both high and low order thinking skills. Its main aim is to highlight the strong relationship between the integration of technology in the classroom and the learners’ development of their critical thinking skills. It aims as well at proposing some ways of using technology by teachers to promote their learners' critical thinking skills. So, the method of this study is a descriptive one in which the researcher used a questionnaire as a data gathering tool for both secondary school teachers of English and secondary school learners in order to accomplish workable results. The results are: EFL teachers are using technology in their classes in order to promote their learners’ CTS. The minority of our sample of learners are aware of the importance of technology in enhancing their CTS.


Critical thinking Skills, EFL Learners, Secondary School Teachers, Technology.

Author : Bougherara Rim
Number of pages: 279-289
DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18033/ijla.4157
Full text:
International Journal of Language Academy
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