Learners' attitude towards the grammar of the foreign language is of importance in the process of language learning. It is an obvious fact that attitudes have impact on students’ success in learning a foreign language. This research paper is an attempt to investigate FLL college students’ attitudes towards learning English grammar as a language component. This paper falls into two parts. The first one is a quick survey of different studies concerning the relationship between attitudes and foreign language learning. In the second part, the researchers prepared a questionnaire to measure students’ attitudes towards learning English grammar taking into consideration various points. The population of this research comprises FLL students at the depts. of English in the College of Education and College of Basic Education. A sample of 100 male and female students has been chosen; 50 students from each college. Then the subjects’ responses had been scored by the researchers and the data collected had been computed and analyzed.


Author : Shoaib Saeed Fahady - & Halah Farooq Mohammed
Number of pages: 520-530
DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18033/ijla.4168
Full text:
International Journal of Language Academy
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