This exploratory study aims to investigate and describe the beliefs and needs of university instructors regarding the professional development activities. 45 instructors participated in this study by completing a three-section survey aiming to explore their needs of professional development activities for teaching and assessing skills. To figure out the tendencies of language instructors with regard to their professional development needs for teaching and assessing skills, the descriptive statistics were administrated. In addition, their professional development needs related to specific professional development areas are sought through the survey and the results were compared through One-way Anova. Factors affecting the needs of the instructors for professional development areas and the items falling under each area have also been explored through revealing mean scores. Full Factorial Anova test was employed to figure out whether the variables of graduated department, having a teaching certificate and the parent categories of professional development need areas had an impact on the needs of the instructors. The results of the study showed that having a teaching qualification certificate affects the needs of professional development activities related to teaching and assessing skills. In addition, the preferences of individual professional development needs are shaped depending on the independent variables of the graduated department, the teaching qualifications and parent categories of the need areas.


professional development, need areas, English language teaching, survey

Author : İlyas YAKUT
Number of pages: 270-280
Full text:
International Journal of Language Academy
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