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The turning point in human history is agriculture. It is important, because it makes people from consumer to producer and it is the main reason for people to live in a community by settled life. The life style of a society is equivalent to the language. Language; is an important tool that reflects the emotions and thoughts of the speakers. Language, the continuity of a nation from past to present; is an important indicator that gives thoughts and thoughts. The societies have shaped their language according to their faced situations and lived situations. Because of necessity, societies have created new words for their language. People define the objects they know and add them to the treasures of language. Every nation has a trace of the geography and climate in the existent words. We can understand from the information we obtained from the old sources that the Turks, which is a large animal husbandry community, are also engaged in agriculture. We can understand the knowledge of the old Turks in the field of farming, from the presence of agricultural products, from culture of eating-drinking and the presence of irrigation channels and agricultural equipment. The entrance of this article is written about agricultural cultures of old Turks, because the language is a reflection of it. After mentioning the Scanning Dictionary and its about the research work, the agricultural reflections in the Scanning Dictionary were determined. In Scanning Dictionary the origins of the words included in the agricultural theme were determined and the ways of forming the words were examined. In this study, which is based on the Scanning Dictionary, the contribution to the word presence in the Scanning Dictionary of agriculture which is determined similarities will be compared with the Compilation Dictionary.


Scanning Dictionary, Compilation Dictionary, existent words.

Yazar: Gizem KORKUT -
Sayfa Sayısı: 165-180
Tam Metin:
Interrnational Journal of Language Academy
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