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The formulaic words are the vocabulary which makes the agreement easier by meeting the events and the situation which will be explained with dozens of words in daily communication. They also allow to recognize the culture and behavior patterns of the language learned. These are language units that provide functional and easy communication in a conversation. This study is related to the formulaic words that should be taught firstly in teaching Turkish as a foreign language. Constructor embedded theory approach method was used to determine these. However, document review and interview techniques were used. Firstly, in the literature, the terms used in the formulaic words are determined and their approach to being called terms by experts has been classified. In the literature, classification approaches related to words were discussed and a classification based on function, context and meaning was used for TTFL and a list of 20 categories of formulaic words has been created. Secondly, the textbooks of the two different publishers were selected and analyzed in order to determine the formulaic words used in the TTFL. Finally, expert opinion was consulted. The frequency of use of the formulaic words determined by the experts was checked in order to verify whether the teaching of the formulaic words was a priority. All these data were evaluated together and a formulaic words list was created from the ones with high frequency of the corpus for taught in the TTFL.


Formulaic words, teaching Turkish as a foreign language (TTFL).

Yazar: Halit KARATAY - & Atilla DİLEKÇİ
Sayfa Sayısı: 147-164
Tam Metin:
Interrnational Journal of Language Academy
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