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The news language is actual and multidirectional. For this, it is one of the most effective learning-teaching tools in foreign language and translation education. The news language is different from the fluent language. Each area of the press has its own a unique jargon, cliché, special and technical vocabulary. The news language in essence is short, concise and ideological. In this regard, in translation education, the translation of the news language forms one of the most special areas. From this point of view, news texts in the source language are examined in terms of text type, structural (mode-time-aspect, elliptical expression, neology), semantic (euphemism, borrowing, abbreviations) and cultural (jargon, cliche, argot, figure of speech, proverbs and idioms) aspects and the difficulties encountered in their translations are tried to be determined. As a result, it has been seen that each news area is very special, each one has its own a language. News language translation was seen as a challenging task for translator. Considering the communicative and cultural characteristics of news language, the necessity of adopting the functional translation approach emerged. The translation of the function oriented Skopos theory news texts in the translation is believed to be beneficial to the translator in terms of process and method.


Press, News Language, Translation, Functional Translation Method, Skopos Theory.

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Interrnational Journal of Language Academy
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