Following the civil war which outbroke in 2011 in Syria, millions of people had to migrate to other countries for security reasons. Turkey with its policy called “open door’ opened its border gates and put the Syrian refugees under temporary protected status. One of the projects which is being carried out in order to exercise the education right, which is one of most fundamental human rights, is PICTES project. This project aims to integrate the Syrian children into the Turkish Education System and develop their Turkish language skills. In this study, within the scope of the activity of Development of Exam System and Materials of the PICTES Project, Turkish Proficiency Exams (TYS) organized in cooperation with the General Directorate for Testing, Assessment and Exam Services were compared and analysed and some suggestions were made to increase the achievement of the target group based on the findings. Turkish Proficiency Exam questions in reading, writing, listening, speaking and grammar should be prepared on ability grouping basis. In our study, it was found out that reading and writing skills were included in the first Turkish Proficiency Exam whereas listening and speaking skills were excluded and in the last exam also only reading skill was tested. In language learning, lack of any skill directly affects other skills at certain rates. Language teaching is formed by a sum of processes which are interconnected with one another and which all have to be closely followed. Testing and assessment is one of these processes. Mistakes likely to be made during testing and assessment process may well cause for the learner to mislearn (Işıkoğlu, 2015:10).


Teaching Turkish as a Foreign Language, PICTES (Supporting Integration of Syrian Children into the Turkish National Education System), Turkish Proficiency Exam, Testing and Assessment

Author : Lokman TANRIKULU - Tuğba İŞLER
Number of pages: 180-189
DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.29228/ijla.36979
Full text:
International Journal of Language Academy
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