This study aims at surveying some verses of the Holly Qur’an in order to give emphasis to the presence of language faculty as a genuine and original concept in the Holly Qur’an. Religious origins of human language have not been given the same interest, and many of the linguists and scholars who concern themselves with the speculations about the origins of human language have mentioned slightly some verses from the holly books in which some mentioning of the origins of language is stated. The majority of the studies has not tackled this religious background about language seriously. Therefore, the prime objective of this study will be directed to the religious origins of language because we believe that language is one of the essential endowments given to people by Allah. For that end, a review of some related studies will be outlined to establish a theoretical framework on which this study will be processed. The qualitative survey in this study will be a survey of some verses from the Holly Qur’an, as we believe that language origins are established clearly in many verses of the Holly Qur’an. Five categories will be formulated to process the study in terms of worship, creation, teaching of the Qur'an, Jesus the Christ (P. B. U. H.) infancy speech, and limbs of the body speech. The study will be a qualitative content – base analysis approach.


Author : Khalid Ahmed Hassan Ahmed
Number of pages: 285-297
DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.29228/ijla.38216
Full text:
International Journal of Language Academy
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