Modern Kirghiz Literature begins with The October Revolution in 1917. Kirghiz Literature is introduced with Theatre as a genre in this period. In 1920’s and 1930’s, progression of theatre genre ,which was a first timer to Kirghiz Literature , became quite rapid. Even though it is not possible to state the existence of Kirghiz theatre in terms of modern sense untill that era, nevertheless it is probable to mention a traditional theatre within oral tradition . As a matter of fact that when the origin is examined, traditional Kirghiz theatre has influence on the modern theatre, which steps in to Kirghiz art and literature for the first time after revolution ,for advancing very fast in a short time . Kyrgyz has rooted and substantial oral literary tradition. Many factors which can be qualified as theatre draw attention. Foremost among them ‘’Public Humor Masters’’ which is known as ‘’Kuudul’’ comes to mind. It would not be wrong to describe Kuuduls sort of Kirghiz public storyteller . Kuuduls who are Kirghiz Public Comedians bring their parodies ,which is written by them, together to the public in the manner of professional theatre actors. On the other hand, when it is said Kirghiz Folk Literature, first thing comes to mind is epic storytelling. Either it reminds some parts of the epics completely with a theatre dialogues or epic narrators carry the qualities of a theatre actors too associate epics and traditional theatre. Some rituals in wedding ceremonies and merriment carry features of theatre. In Kirghiz social life, it is possible to observe theatrical elements in some, various merriments and ceremonies. In this piece of work what the elements of ‘’traditional Kirghiz Theatre’’ within the oral tradition, and in what sense they approach to Literature, and the effects on traditional theatre to the modern theatre will be discussed.


Traditional theatre, Modern theatre, Kirghiz Theatre

Author : Gül Banu DUMAN
Number of pages: 1-8
Full text:
International Journal of Language Academy
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