The two works the Lost Steps and Kon-Tiki, which are by the famous writers Alejo Carpentier and Thor Heyerdahl. Carpentier, (born 1904 in Cuba and died in Paris in 1980), themes with topics about races and experiences gained from life. In his famous work The Lost Steps, which costs to bring musical instruments from a forest located in Venezuela. Carpentier was interested in African-Cuban music. Carpentier described everything real in the literary magic he created himself: I was the harshest land where thousands of men awakened to freedom believed in the power of superstition to become MacDonald *, on the verge that this group spoke a miracle on the day of execution ... At every step I find reality amazing. He used the Baroque style in many of his writings, noting that freedom is desired by all. Thor Hirdal was born in Norway in 1914 and died in Italy in 2002, crossing the Atlantic Ocean in a wooden boat, saying: Limits, I never found any limit, but I heard it was in the minds of some people. Known for his work Kon-TiKi in 1947, for the discovery of the Inca tribes and the ancient inhabitants of some areas of Polynesia who worship the sun god kon-tiki......................... * A person who is likely to originate from Senegal, Mali or Guinea, arrived in the French colony as a slave, sentenced to death in the year 1758 for several reasons. His personality turned into mythology.


Author: Lika Mohamed Bachir Hassan
Number of pages: 290-300
DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18033/ijla.4158
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International Journal of Language Academy
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