The grammatical rules occupied of Arab grammatical thought, because the Arabs were preoccupied with finding a rules for grammatical issues , this was done after the Arabs went out to the country and heard from the Arabs , they found different linguistic issues and settled their grammatical rules that control speech This is what is called by analogy and what rules did not limit by listening to and also preoccupied with the question of the word (form) and meaning . The material of this research is limited to the rules of submission and delay in the nominal and verbal sentences. For example, we found in the nominal sentence that some of the rules for presenting the noun to the beginner were formulated on a formal basis and do not related to the meaning. The rules of actual sentence as the form plays an important role in it, and that the act must be submitted to the actor and other rules mentioned in the board of research, and if we stop the submission and delay in general, we see some of it came formally and this is the rank and see some The other came back and this is about the rhetorical purposes that the speaker wants.

Anahtar Kelimeler

Yazar: Amal Yaseen Mohammed -
Sayfa Sayısı: 389-405
Tam Metin:
International Journal of Language Academy
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