In this paper, we will highlight the paths of narrative criticism in the Moroccan novel, which basically employs speech, reading, analysis and criticism. In fact, we are going to address two important experiences that devoted efforts in the field of narrative criticism, namely the two professors: Saeed Yektan and Saeed Benkrad, and we will start from central questions that we consider important introduction to analyze these two experiences, as follows: Have they really contributed in providing effective critical and intellectual perceptions in manipulating the narrative discourse? Did these critical experiences enrich the narrative criticism in Moroccan novel thus push the literary movement forward? What is the reality of critical practice in the narrative field in Morocco? These questions have actually motivated us to take a big tour and read what was written in the field of narrative criticism in Morocco, and we have chosen two experiences that we consider pioneers in critical practice; the first of Dr. Said Yektan, given his continuous giving in writing, as a theorist and practice of Gerard Jeannet's theories. The second is by Dr. Saeed Benkrad, with his monetary contributions in the semiotics domain, following in the footsteps of the Baris School with Julian Kremas and structural criticism with Roland Barth. Interpretation follows in the footsteps of the American school. These experiences reflect two important episodes in the field of narrative criticism in Morocco, and we have tried to highlight the reality of critical practice from two angles: from one angle that represents Western theories and their prediction with the reality of Arab culture and society. From a second angle, the results of this practice on the reality of critical writing.


Narrative Criticism, References, Criticism Paths, Structural Criticism, Interpretation.

Author: Yassine SAADANE
Number of pages: 38-73
DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.29228/ijla.42051
Full text:
International Journal of Language Academy
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