Language is a bounty from Allah Almighty to the whole creatures and a great characteristic of human being. So, it stays as a link and bridge among them in this universe. They use it to express their selves despite of differentiations of their tongues, colors and classes.However, this paper tackles to take models of prophetic sayings in order to deepen and read its language. In the same regard, no wonder that Allah Almighty has selected The Holy Quran to be as a marvelous title of his Prophet Mohammad's Massage, so as it originates the basics of dialogue, comprehensive values of disputation, logic and narration.Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) is considered as a very good example of understanding all these mentioned aspects, in addition to his Qurayshian,s mentality. He grew in Pre-Islamic Era which was full of high level discourse, and the language has performed what the weapons could not do it. Hence, this paper will analyze the styles of prophetic discourse, so the researcher has found out that Prophet Mohammad revered the language and listened to the beautiful vocabulary. He used a neutral language, without specification. He delivered his orations in general to avoid scratching the feeling of anyone. He used to convince the other by logic and language, so these are reasons of the speed stretching of his massage, and Allah Almighty has provided him of the short rich expressions. No wonder to conclude that Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) has accomplished the linguistic security.


Arabic Language, Analysis Discourse, Humanitarian, Connection.

Author: Farhan Odeh MAAITA
Number of pages: 286-301
DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.29228/ijla.42061
Full text:
International Journal of Language Academy
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