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International Journal of Language Academy

There is a significant difference in publishing a literary journal and an academic journal. Although academic authors have wider areas with regards to subject diversity, they have difficulty in accessing to audiences. In order to clear this obstacle and access to large mass, owners of academic journals have begun to publishing in cyber world. Publishing an academic journal requires great effort and patience. In addition to long time of refereeing process, article authors’ slow acts in answering to feedbacks and printing of journals cause significant waste of time. In this issue of IJLA, 30 articles were available and 17 of them are published after refereeing process. In this issue about linguistics and teaching language, poets like Bedri Rahmi Eyupoglu and Talip Aydin are analyzed in some respects. Furthermore, evaluation of historical resources in teaching Turkish to foreigners, comparison of images of giants in Keloglan Tales and Tunusian Tales, articles analyzing the functionality of media literacy lesson enriched this issue. We would like to thank scientists having contributed to this issue, teachers and academicians having managed refereeing processes with educational and guiding attitudes, and friends having helped and contributed to this issue.

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    Dear Academicians, you can upload your articles through Online Manuscript Submission link upon forming it according to the academic writing format in For Writers section.


    Distinguished scientists, The 4(3) volume of the Journal published under the editorship of lecturer Prof. Dr. Suat UNGAN from the Karadeniz Technical University. The next issue of IJLA will be published on 15 December. We look forward to qualified works of dear scientists by 1 December.


    Distinguished scientists, The next issue (4/4) of IJLA will be published under the editorship of lecturer Prof. Dr. Zehra GÖRE from Necmettin Erbakan University.



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