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International Journal of Language Academy

Dear IJLA readers, We would like to say “Hello” to you with the first edition in 2017. Our journal which has been published since 2013 contributes to the field through quality and original essays in a wide range of areas such as Turcology, Language Education, History, Educational Sciences and Teaching Turkish. It was a great pleasure and a tedious task to be an editor in this journal including 32 original essays. We can’t thank enough to the valuable scholars who support us with their essays and help us reach our target. We would like to express our gratitude for the reviewers who allocate their times by making reviews and we also hope their contributions for further editions as well. It is not easy to guide young researchers in the early stages of their academic life away, to work with the experts on their fields and to provide the reliability and accessibility of reviewed journal. I would personally like to thank to Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ahmet AKKAYA and Assoc. Prof Ömer Tuğrul KARA who work devotedly in many fields from composition to cover design of IJLA in order to make the journal available to you. See you in next edition with the unique support of our dear readers, authors and reviewers. Take care.

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    Dear Academicians, you can upload your articles through Online Manuscript Submission link upon forming it according to the academic writing format in For Writers section.


    Distinguished scientists, 

    The 5(1) volume of the

    Journal published under

    the editorship of lecturer

    Prof. Dr. Prof. Dr. Funda TOPRAK

    from the Ankara Yıldırım

    Beyazıt University.


    Dear Scientists,

    IJLA will publish the

    special issue of Turkish Language Teaching in

    April, 2017. This issue will be published

    under the guest editorship of

    Assoc. Dr. Fahri Temizyürek from

    Gazi University, and by the assistance

    of Lecturer Emrah Boylu from

    İstanbul Aydın University.

    We are awaiting for your qualified

    studies up until the

    1st of April, 2017.

    Good luck with your studies.

    Impact Factor OAJI: 0,201

    MIAR ICDS = 5.6

    Index Copernicus ICV 2015: 69.11

Address :Keskustie 8 as 1 Kiiminki OULU FINLAND
Telephone :00358458092451 Fax :
Email :ijlaacademy@gmail.com

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