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International Journal of Language Academy

In this volume, we present 22 articles that focus on language learning and teaching from different windows, 12 of which was presented at Çukurova International ELT Teachers (CUELT) Conference (2nd): Replacing Clichés: Teaching Subordinated to Learning, in Adana, Turkey, in 2016. Despite the fact that most of the articles were written in English, there are eight articles written in Turkish. Teaching English or Turkish as a foreign language constitutes the major topic of this volume, such as translation of the reference concepts, passive voice in Turkish, compliment responses in Turkish, and so forth. Within those aforementioned studies, several of them side with the teachers or the learners: turn-taking patterns in teacher's talk, English language instructors' perceptions about culture integration, metaphorical perceptions of EFL learners, affective strategies used by university students, etc. When articles delve into classroom dynamics, you will read about note-taking and the uses and functions of L1. In addition to those studies, there is a book review scrutinizing writing methods. Not only about teaching English and Turkish but also there is one article focusing on teaching Macedonian language, which might be a proof for expanding impact of our journal, and an invitation for articles centered on various languages as well. All in all, we are thankful for those scholars who are keen on working, researching, and doing something for creating better language learning and teaching atmospheres.

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