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For writers

  • IJLA is an open access journal. We welcome the submission of copyrights, texts, translation, book review and introduction, notes from proceedings.
  • Any article that has been published in any journal or is in progress should not be sent.
  • If the article sent has been presented in any proceeding or conference, it can be sent provided that its presentation date place is given. If it is assessed as eligible by editorial board members, then it can be published. The author holds the whole responsibility for publication.
  • Artciles saved through Article Tracking System (ATS) are examined by editors in accordance with publishing principles and information. In case there is any item to be corrected, the aritcle is sent back to the author.
  • Any article incompatible with publishing principles and information is not sent to referres and not published.
  • Any article confirmed by the editorial on ATS is sent to at least two referees. When necessary, it can be sent to more than two referees.  The final decision is made through the majority decision. Any proposal made by the referees is thoroughly examined. The journal reserves all the rights to publish or not to publish the article. The names of the authors and referees are kept anonymous.
  • Any author can object to negative feedback of the referee(s) provided that the author may show evidence. The objection made is examined and if necessary, it is sent to another referee.
  • Referee-editor, editor-author can correspond to each other through ATS. They can make offers or additional warnings.
  • The author is given information about when an article will be published.
  • All processes are fulfilled in electronic setting.
  • The study should contain ‘Introduction’ part that includes purpose, scope and research methodology and ‘Conclusion’ part at the end.
  • The article should contain a concise Turkish and English abstract (200-250 words). If the article is written in another language other than Turkish, the abstract can be written in Turkish by the editor. Key words should consist of at least 3 and at most 5 words with a key space. Abstract text should be written with 11 font size, Times New Roman style and 1 line spacing.  
  • Articles should not exceed 25 pages including notes, tables, figures, graphs, and references. All figures, photos, graphs and tables should be given a number that should also be followed in the following pages. If one of them is cited, then its reference should be given in the same page.
  • The article should be written with commonly used programs for quick editing and publication.
  • The following order should be followed: Turkish Headline (with capital letters at most 220 letters), Abstract (Turkish) and Key Words (Turkish), English Headline (with small letters), Abstract ve Key words. The publication language of the journal is Turkish and English. Other languages are also welcome for publication.
  • Any information such as the author`s name, title, institution and email address should not be given under the title of the article. Author`s names are seen only by editors. Therefore, these kinds of information will be added by the editor. While articles are added to ATS , the author should make sure that these kinds of information should not be available in the article. This issue will help referees process the article faster.
  • Articles have to be sent in accordance with grammatical and ortographical rules (puncutation, coherence, clarity…) Therefore, in the event of any problem involved, the author is responsible for any problem and criticism.
  • All copyrights of the articles sent to the journal are reserved by IJLA. The article cannot be published, reproduced or cited. Any legal responsibility that may result from the article belongs to the author.
  • APA system, commonly used in reference guide, should be used. The authors are held responsible for the accuracy of the references. Notes and references should shown seperate. Notes should be given in the text with numbers given.
  • Any article sent to IJLA should be prepared in APA guide and style. APA-VI version should be followed. Please click for APA-VI criteria.

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    Dear Scientists,

    The selected papers presented at the Cukurova International ELT Teachers Conferences (3rd) published as a Special Issue (5/5) of the International Journal of Language Academy (IJLA) September 2017.



    Dear Academicians, 

    IJLA's new issue (5/6)  will be published on September, 2017. The guest editor of our current issue is Prof. Dr. Mehmet ÇİÇEK and the co-guest editor  is Assoc. Dr. Ergün HAMZADAYI, both of whom are from Gaziantep University. We wait for your quality articles until September 10, 2017.



    Dear Academicians, you can upload your articles through Online Manuscript Submission link upon forming it according to the academic writing format in For Writers section.

    Distinguished scientists,

    IJLA's issue 

    The 5(4) volume of the

    Journal published under

    the editorship of lecturer

    Dr. Bekir KAYABAŞI.


    IJLA's new issue  will

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    on September 20, 2017.

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