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Mustafa Kutlu is one of the most important representatives in Modern Turkish stories. He has an important position in Turkish Literature thanks to both his plain, sincere language and style; and expression style he does use in his works. He does write his works about contrariness, does discuss human relations of the community he does live in. He does write his works by using writing techniques such as stream of consciousness, internal monologue, flashback and summarizing. He does become the most important living writer of Turkish Literature thanks to all his features and techniques. The aim of the research is to evaluate stories of Mustafa Kutlu depending on the notion of cohesive and coherence that is one of the linguistic criterions in text. Cohesive is the basic one in text for communicating healthfully and impressively. For the purpose, Mustafa Kutlu’s stories such as “Sevinç, Hayat Güzeldir and Her Kuşun Dalı Var” are examined according to “Rating Scale for Coherency Level” that is improved by Coşkun(2005). In the rating scale, there are five subheadings of the notion of cohesive. These are transfer, commutation, elliptical expressions, elements of connection, word coherence. In the study results in Kutlu’s story was determined that most commonly used tool is an ellipsis and most infrequently used expression tool is a commutation. The consistency case of the stories were investigated via Narrative Expression Consistency Rating Scale and the consistency status of the three stories from the investigation were found to be Very Good level.
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Cohesive, text linguistic, Turkish language teaching, story
abortion clinics in ny abortion process anti abortion facts

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