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In the history of political thought and society, it became very difficult to define a democratic society. This difficulty mainly stems from the questions such as what democracy is and how it is accomplished in various societies. This is a long path of a question; because story of democracy is a long way down in the socio-political history. The issue of what the democracy is varies from one to another in both individual and societal level. The issue of how it is achieved in various societies is a problematic of the comparative politics. A democracy by definition is government through elected representatives. However, in this definition, democracy-society relationship is more significant than being represented through free and fair elections; because democracy should mainly enable a form of society, which favors equal rights, freedom of speech and a fair trial and tolerates the views of minorities. A healthy civil society requires responsible and active citizens who value the system of government and work towards a shared vision of civil life. That is why a healthy society of democracy comprises the harmony of language in terms of being multi-voiced. Good citizenship values and models responsible behavior, attitudes and democratic values. Thus, values such as inclusion, participation and freedom are indispensable parts of a multi-voiced society’s common democratic way of life. They reflect robust commitment to a multicultural and environmentally sustainable society where all are entitled to justice. Therewithal, this study will explore that being a human is not enough for being in a society since societies of democracy with harmony of multi-voiced languages is far beyond feeling oneself as a human being.

democracy, society, individual, societal harmony, equality

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