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With reference to traditional grammar, words are divided into various classes of form and meaning. First, Aristotle spoke of the existence of forms such as nouns and verbs and suggested that these kinds of words have meanings on their own. Some grammatical books have made this classification in the form of verb, noun and adjective. In the traditional grammar, nouns, pronouns and adjectives are often considered in the same class of nouns (nomen). In general, eight parts of speech are referred in Turkish grammar books. The pronoun, one of these words, is an important part of the nouns and is commonly known as the words that functions as nominals. Pronouns are most similar to nouns in noun-derived words and enter names situations such as nouns, they may take possession suffixes. In this study, a review was made about the pronouns used in Turkish dialects in the west of Thrace. The study is important to reveal the wealth of the region in terms of pronoun use.

Western Thrace, Vocabulary Types, Pronouns, Turkish Dialects.

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