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It is known that the first step of human being's entrance to a learning process in every sense is listening. Listening as a language skill forms the basis of comprehension, perception and reception in language learning and teaching. Texts in the teaching process through listening skills are the main sources of the process. The audio recordings and CD’s created for the Listening Texts in the textbooks used in teaching Turkish as a foreign language are considered as an indispensable part of the related sets. In addition, the texts that form the contents of these audio recordings are presented to the student either as an appendix to the book or as a separate booklet. The sample of the study was examined by Yedi İklim Turkish Teaching Set (YİTÖS) prepared by the Yunus Emre Institute and the listening texts at all levels in İstanbul Turkish Teaching Set for Foreigners (İYTÖS), prepared by Istanbul University, in the context of word counts. This examination and evaluation were made based on the unit and the level and the results were evaluated by the institutions that made binding recommendations about the teaching time, the teaching time allocated to the listening skill and the effect on the teaching of words. The data obtained as a result of the evaluation of the relevant listening texts were related to the meaningful results and suggestions were made about the number of words of the listening texts to be used in the teaching of Turkish as a foreign language. While studies on the number of words of reading texts in the literature are rarely seen, it is noteworthy that no study has been conducted on the listening texts.

Teaching Turkish as a foreign language, listening texts, number of words.

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