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The mystery is the word that is mentioned with various implications and signs and is written in verse. The mysteries, which are a product of intelligence, need to be equipped with intelligent and quick insight and various knowledge. The mystery is also used as a literary art in poetry and teaches the subtlety of many names; makes the man nimble-witted. The mystery texts should be arranged at a reasonable level; is asked not to show any unsolvable property. Although it is a literary genre, it is seen that some of the fiqh subjects are written in the form in poetry as mystery. In the Ottoman fatwa books, passes an anonymous example of Arabic poetry mystery: this mystery was written in the form of continent and asked to be a question of quiz; it is stated that it is not permissible for the imam to be unable to solve this mystery. This mystery also reveals the place and importance of the culture of mystery in a better and more effective understanding of the most common fiqh issues in daily life. This poetic mystery goes through various forms in the books we examine; some books contain only the text; in some of them is explained long. In some boks, the importance of this mystery was explained and the Turkish translation was given as poetic. In this article, this poetic mystery, with annotations and explanations will be shown in analytical and comparative form.

Mystery, Arabic, fiqh, poetic, anonymous.

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