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Disputing between Ancient and modern is a critical issue that distracted the critics for long time, the more this issue is raised, the more the conflict begins to intensify also, the opinions varies and scholars differ in their opinions due to the development of the Arab civilization. This issue produced three categories: The first category is supporters “Ancient” who they glorify the pre-Islamic poetry and consider it the origin that should not be alienated. The second category is supporters “Modern” who they saw that it was time to move towards renewal, and make radical changes affecting the change of style of the Arabic poem, and then depart from the authority of the Ancient, which has been in the structure for decades, which contributed to the emergence of what known is as Bdi’ poets; such as Bashar ibn Burd and Abu Tammam. The third category is between “Ancient” and “Modern”, this category seeks to arbitrate the objective view of poetry to consider that the quality and poor are the correct measure of poems away from era and time. This study is intended to elucidate the views of the critics "Al-Jahiz (255 AH) and Ibn Qutayba (267 AH)" and provide an integrated image in the field of literary criticism, the importance comes from discovering new critical issues in our ancient critical heritage that is worthy of attention to meet with modern criticism concepts. We have relied on our explanations and analysis of various critical statements and opinions on the descriptive analytical approach. The study showed the position of both the critics "Al-Jahiz and Ibn Qutayba", who were not bigot to “Ancient” and they were not countenancer to “Modern” only it’s modern, but they judged the objective view, control quality and poor, the dexterity in the skill, and proficiency in the discipline. Al-Jahiz has applied his theory of concepts that have turned many of the prevailing concepts in Ancient Arabic criticism, also Ibn Qutayba walked on Al-Jahiz’s path. Their views were the basic building blocks from which the creator of renewal and innovation, and work to create a bridge between “ancient and modern” to push the process of creativity, “ancient” must be accommodated to represent “modern”, Al-Jahiz believed when he said: "If you heard the man say what the first left thing to the other, then know that what he wants to succeed." These views were widely echoed in modern criticism, as Taha Hussein says:” "We are forced to connect “ancient” and “modern” because every ancient was modern in its time, every “modern” will become “ancient” ”.

Al-Jahiz Ibn Qutaiba - ancient - modernism - intolerance - moderation – renewal.

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