Mar’aşîzâde Ahmed Kuddûsî has been lived in the second half of the XVIII. century and the first half of the century XIX. His father‘s name is Naqshbandi murshid Eş-Şeyh Seyyid İbrahim Efendi who migrated from Marash to Bor. Ahmed Kuddûsî was born in the Hijri 1183-the comman era 1769 in the Bor borough of Niğde. After his study of science and mysticism, his father and Turhallı Mustafa Efendi gave him the Naqshibendi icâzetnâme. Kuddûsî went to Hijaz because of his love with the prophet and remained in the vicinity of Mecca and Medina for seventeen years. After returning to Bor, Kuddusi who practiced Naqshi for a while, passed on to Qadiriyya with a spiritual sign from the saints. The tomb of the Qadiriyya mentor Mar'aşîzâde Ahmed Kuddûsî, who passed away in 1849, is located in Bor borough of Niğde. The most well-known work of the sufi poet who used Kuddusi name in his poems is his divan. İcâzetnâme-i Kuddûsî is a small collection of poetry formed with a poetical ode and a prose part. This work contains Kuddûsî's dhikr for spiritual guidance to all believers who are willing and accepting his mentions, until the day of resurrection. İcâzetnâme-i Kuddûsî is an extremely valuable and important work in terms of mystic history due to its content.


Maraş, Ahmed Kuddûsî, mysticism, Qadiriyya, İcâzetnâme-i Kuddûsî.

Author : Lütfi ALICI -& Sadi GEDİK
Number of pages: 220-235
DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18033/ijla.3808
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International Journal of Language Academy
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