According to Turkish Teaching Programme, the purpose of developing writing skills is expressing emotions, thoughts, imaginations, plans and impressions in accordance with written expression rules by utilizing language oppurtunities. Encouraging to acquire writing habits and developing writting skills of students were also intended. Gaining writting skills for students together with doing creative writing exercises of some types is also important to get many benefits. In the creative thinking process, there are many tools utilized to develope both language and writing skills of students. Tale is one of these. The answer to the emerging sub-problems was sought through re-introducing of the selected tales by the students with creative writing skill in the scope of this study. The differences in creative writing related lectures through tales combining activity has been examined in terms of class levels. The study was conducted with 46 students of 5., 6. and 7. grades attending Malatya Yazıhan Durucasu İmam-Hatip middle school on fall semestre of 2016-2017 academic year. The investigation was restricted with combining the 12 tales read and explained to the students earlier. In the scope of the study, during the data collection stage, four tales groups were established and the data were evaluated according to the Creative Writing Skill Evaluation Control List. The results of the analysis showed that the students could make new title, created new tale character, re-name the characters, change the properties of characters, establish a relationship between the new characters, exchage the roles between the characters, re-establish the incidents, set-up relations between the incidents, use different places, change the properties of the place, use specific expressions, relate the incidents with their own experiences, use the proverbs and expressions in right situations, implant simile and other arts, use original expressions, present remarkable ideas, synthesize, and add stress and excitement into their written texts. Based on the obtained data, it was concluded that the students made progresses in the context of class levels. Furher results obtained from data analysis were given in details in the text.


Writing, tale combining, creative writing

Author : Nesrin SİS -& Saliha Gamze BULUT
Number of pages: 250-265
DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18033/ijla.3882
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Atıf Sayısı: : 1
International Journal of Language Academy
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