The term lexical field can be defined as a structural order that can be gathered around the same concept, visualizing the same conceptual image. The equivalent of the lexical field term can only be found in the same text. The terms in a text that can come together around the same subject form the lexical field of that subject. On the basis of this view, Humbolt and so on. thinkers, the basis of the world view is the language window. Determination of terms that form lexical fields in a text; reveals the image world of the author who creates the text. Meaning creates a string as a result of the combination of dependent and independent morphemes in the language and establishing syntactic relations in the context, and the indicator that occurs in the string formed in this way meets the meaning of the word. According to Berke Vardar, the linguistic field consists of 3 stages. Conceptual field refers to non-linguistic concepts. The lexical field expresses the relationship between the indicators in terms of meaning. The semantic field also describes the interaction of the conceptual and lexical fields. The basis of concept field theory; It is based on the notion that the concepts are not isolated individually, but as a mosaic, they limit and influence each other. In this study, information will be given about the studies on lexical field and a classification will be made by determining the lexical terms in Âşık Veysel's poems. With this classification, the point of view of poet to the world, the image world and the messages she wants to convey to the reader will be tried to be revealed from the perspective of linguistics.


Lexical fields, Âşık Veysel, linguistics

Author : Ceren SELVİ
Number of pages: 181-201
DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.29228/ijla.42823
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International Journal of Language Academy
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