Measurement and evaluation have functional value in the educational processes in which learning and teaching are continued; planning, maintaining and finalizing the works for the purposes; determining the efficiency of the work carried out and according to the data obtained in this context. The aim of the education is to ensure that the courses taken by the students in the classes they are in have the skills and competencies required by the acquisitions specified in the curriculum. The purpose of each branch of science in the field of education is different subject content, skills that students should acquire, etc. in terms of elements. Therefore, strategies in planning the educational processes of each branch of science, is also different preferred methods and techniques, materials used etc. with elements naturally. All these differences are also required the assessment and evaluation that should be included in the training process should be carried out in accordance with the content and dynamics of the relevant field. Measurement and evaluation applications with determinative function in ensuring permanent learning by enriching learning environments and increasing the effectiveness of students in the process is an educational necessity conducting in accordance with field education in the planning and execution of educational activities. For this, practitioners of each department should have the knowledge, skills and equipment related to process evaluation methods and outcome; tools and be prepared for their profession. In this context the identifier and name of the MB Measurement and Evaluation Course in Education should be (AE) Measurement and Evaluation in Turkish Education or (AE) Measurement and Evaluation in Language Education in the new undergraduate program of Turkish teaching and the content arrangement of the course should be done taking into account the characteristics and gains of the relevant area.


Field education, Turkish education, measurement and evaluation

Author : Ali GÖÇER
Number of pages: 285-295
DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.29228/ijla.43324
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International Journal of Language Academy
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