The subject of prepositions in kyrgyz linguistics and the prepositions mentioned in the tale “Kımça Bel Kumurskalar”

Author : Seda GÖKER
Number of pages : 135-144


The connection between the nation and language is very strong. Even why Kyrgystan and Turkey related to the geographical location may seem to be far away they are close countries both in terms of language and heart ties. In the 1930s, the Kyrgyz living under the Soviet Union introduced the Turkish Uruks. This construction og agreements between the Türkish nation, the transfer of Works made it very difficult. Changing the language of nation is equivalent to changing the identity of that nation. We also transferred these Works to Turkish, before Ilmsky’s Sovietization -forcing the loss of language- and religion an now in Crimea, in response to Russification, that is, the ‘separation’ policy, “in language, in opinion, here is unity.” We must go in the way of Ismail Bey Gaspiral, our great thinker, whose motto flourishes; as a matter of fact, we are strong together. In this study, the propossitions mentioned in Kımça Bel Kumurskalar, one of the children’s tale of Kyrgyz Turkish, were not discussed. Kimça Bel Kumurskalar is a distinguished work written bu Aydarbek Sarmanbetov. It is important because it contains mythological elements beloging to Turks. Prepositions are words that do not only have meaning but have meaning when some words or groups of words come to their sides. It is important fort he language to be of vabancı origin. In this study, prepositions were found by scanning this work, Turkish counterparts and life span of that prepositions were given in terms of beter understanding.


Language, Kyrgyz, Kyrgyz Turkish, prepositions.

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