Teacher's Views on Turkish Lesson Reading Skill in EIN Used in the Distance Education Process

Today, technology is also widely used in education. Education İnformation Network (EIN) is one of the technological platforms used in education. Reading skills are provided to students through distance education through Turkish lessons on this platform. Reading is a skill that we gain when we start school and need to use in all areas of life. In order for this skill acquired in primary education to have a positive effect on the individual’s life, it should be developed as a more functional tool, not only limited to understanding what he/she reads. In this study, it was tried to find out the proficiency level of reading skill by getting teacher opinions about reading skill in the Education Information Network (EIN) used in the distance education process case study, one of the qualitative research pattems, was used in the research. 40 Turkish teachers working in the Ministry of National Education constitute the study group of the research. Semi-structured interview form was used in the reserch. The data were collected through “A teacher Interview Form on Reading Skills in EIN Used in Distance Education Process.” Content analysis was used to analyze the data. According to the results abtained from the findings, the opinions of the teachers about reading skills in the EIN, which is performed through distance education, are negative. Because of the factors such as lack of interaction, technological deficiencies, the teachers thinks think that the EIN is disadvantageous in terms of readng skills. Those who attended the research and found it useful commented that the efforts were good and succesful in EIN, if the technological deficiencies in terms of reading skills are eliminated, mutual interaction is developed and the importance given to reading avtivities increases, teachers opinions can be positive.


Reading, EIN, distance education, Turkish lesson, Turkish teachers

Author : Tuğçe Nur GÜRDAMAR -Atike Şule ŞEHİRLİ, Fulya TOPÇUOĞLU ÜNAL
Number of pages: 168-186
DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.29228/ijla.43952
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International Journal of Language Academy
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