Turkish Contributions of Mütercim Āsim Efendi to Burhân-I Kâtiʻ (Tools and Item Names)

The dictionary, named Tıbyan-ı Nafi der Terceme-i Burhān-ı Kātıʻ, which had been translated by Translator Āsım Efendi from Persian into Turkish, was written in 1652 by Hüseyin Tabriz who is known by his mahlas, Burhān. He completed his work in six years and he presented it to Selim III. As a poet, historian and lexicographer, Mütercim Āsım Efendi, who is one of the important names in our history in term of his being a poet, cronicler and lexicographer, proved his knowledge of Turkish while translating this dictionary and he gave many words in the field of Anatolia and Caghatay, by explaining them. Due this method, the dictionary has moved away from being a one-to-one translation, but it has also played an important role in determining the Turkish vocabulary. Mütercim Āsım Efendi used those words such as Turkey, Turkistan and Rumî in Burhān-ı Kātıʻ to describe the geography of the words. In this article, we tried to determine the words that denote the meaning of tools / goods /stuffs, which he gathered from Anatolia and Caghatay fields and added in his translate. We also tried to give evidences to show their roots and we attracted attention, by some discussed words, to an important problem of our lexicography. We mean that dictionary writers prefer, sometimes knowingly or unknowingly, sometimes deliberately, to explain the origin of words in other languages. So, we criticized those words we realized that their determination was made on this way, according to their roots / origin and field of usage. We think that the results of this study and those words we determined will contribute into other studies and researches.


Burhān-ı Kātıʻ, Mütercim Āsım, lexicography, tool-item names.

Author : Funda TOPRAK
Number of pages: 154-167
DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.29228/ijla.45016
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Alıntı Yap:
International Journal of Language Academy
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