A comparison between the characters of Ourida in le Quai aux fleurs ne répond plus of Malek Haddad and Hasna in Season of migration to the North of Tayeb Salih

This work is a comparative study between the characters of Ourida in le Quai aux fleurs ne répond plus of the Algerian writer Malek Haddad and Hasna in the Season of migration to the North (Mawsim al-hijra ilâ al-chamâl) of the Sudanese writer Tayeb Salih .The life of these two women begins peacefully, they lead a calm life with their families. Yet the end of their lives is catastrophic. Ourida betrays her husband and her homeland. Hasna commits suicide and kills her second husband Waad Rayyès. The gap between the beginning and the end, of these women, arouses our curiosity towards the realization of this study. Our objective is to ask the following question "are these two female characters real culprits or victims of their societies?" In order to carry out this study, we use the method of semiotic analysis of a character from Philippe Hamon. This study concludes with results. We cannot definitively classify these women as guilty or victims. They are the product of their societies. They suffer the consequences of a society colonized sometimes by a real foreign colonizer and sometimes by a traditional mentality. The marvelous beginning of the life of these women and the terrible end of their lives raise a controversy in the fictional universe of the novel and the referential world. This in turn creates an interaction between the author, the characters and the reader. Haddad and Salih invite a reader to participate in the narrative world and doing a kind of reading writing. So this technique makes a literary work an interactive platform bringing an audience of different races and all backgrounds.


Hasna, Ourida, woman, society, colonization

Author : Lubna Ahmed ELTAYEB
Number of pages: 384-394
DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.29228/ijla.45147
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International Journal of Language Academy
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