Language features of first “Leyla and Majnun” masnavi written in Azerbaijan Turkish Dialect

This study focuses on the language features of first “Leyla and Majnun” masnavi in Azerbaijan Turkish which is written by Mevlâna Şehabeddin Ahmed El-Hakîrî. Written back in AH.931-932 / AD.1525-1526 during the years of Mevlâna Şehabeddin Ahmed El-Hakîrî (?-1585) in Azerbaijan Turkish, a dialect belong to the east group of Western Turkish language, it poses a significant importance in Turkish language history as well as Turkish literature. This “Leyla and Majnun” bears the traces of the early features of the development of Azerbaijan Turkish dialect as a subdivision of Old Western Oghuz Turkish language. In this text which the features of Western Turkish language are dominant, some Eastern Turkish language features are also seen. However, archaic words in this text are also available. The vocabulary, phonetic and morphological features shows that the text represent the 16th century Azerbaijan Turkish dialect.


Leyla and Majnun, Mevlâna Şehabeddin Ahmed El-Hakîrî, Western Turkish language, Oghuz Turkish language, Azerbaijan Turkish dialect

Author : Ahmet KOÇAK
Number of pages: 240-265
DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.29228/ijla.45490
Full text:
Alıntı Yap:
International Journal of Language Academy
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