The Effect of Psychology of Djian's Character Betty Blue on Translator

Although there are studies on translation process within the framework of translation theories, strategies and the ideas of some avant-gardes of translation studies, the reflections of a translator's identification with characters in translation process and the psychological states of translator such as the mood and the emotional intelligence in this process have not been emphasized much. Therefore, the psychological state of translator emerges as an important and a worth-stressing issue in translation studies. In particular, when it comes to a literary work having unique language and characters with spiritual characteristics, samples in studies are needed to bring different perspectives to translator psychology in field of translation studies field. Based on this idea, the mood and expressions of Betty Blue, legendary character of cult novel of Philippe Djian, known as underground literature and Beat generation writer, is considered to be a suitable sample for such a study. Thus, in this study, Betty's behaviors and expressions that will highlight the translator psychology according to Carl Gustav Jung's Psychological Types and his notions on personality, avant-garde theoretician in personality structure studies, will be determined. Then, we aim to analyze the translator psychology in translation process of these expressions and behaviors from French to Turkish. In addition, we would like to present a translational analysis within the framework of psychological theories to the decisions taken by translators who have a strong emotional intelligence that can identify with characters mood in translation process.


Translator psychology, psychology in translation, Jung’s psychological types, Philippe Djian, Betty Blue.

Number of pages: 412-430
DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.29228/ijla.46309
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International Journal of Language Academy
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