The objective of this research is to clarify the nature of the deliberation, its origin, its pioneers, its importance, its principles and its functions. This deliberation is considered a linguistic methodology that specialized in the study of the use of linguistic evidence in the discourse and how it is interpreted. Also it explains the reasons for the success of the process of communication and it is a means of understanding and criticism. Knowledge, discrimination and measurement of the degree of health and error in the subjects studied. It also comprehended linguistic, communicative, literary, psychological and philosophical fields. And the intersection of science-related fields in the language, a science that studies ideas, meanings, terms, concepts, references, and everything related to language use. So the deliberation is a new monetary approach dealing with creative texts of various kinds, and the subject of research to employ the linguistic meaning in actual use. Additionally, it is taught the language from multiple sides. It has several advantages, including the removing of the ambiguity of the elements of linguistic communication, explain methods of reasoning, and deal with the trumpets through the tributaries of knowledge such as inferences, beliefs, intentions, The communicative streams are represented by the speakers' purposes, interests and wishes. In addition, it is interested in studying the use of language and the conditions of use according to the objectives of the speakers and the conditions of the speakers, studying the literary discourse in relation to the context of verbal and communicative, focuses on the acts of speech, explore logical and pilgrimage relations, and understanding the relations between the speaker and the recipient within a particular context, texts by approach as communication, functionalism, pragmatism, pragmatism, and pilgrimage.


Curriculum, Deliberation, Linguistics.

Author: Belqes Ahmed Ali Alkebsi
Number of pages: 346-364
DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18033/ijla.4161
Full text:
International Journal of Language Academy
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