The concept of the quality of life is very important for researchers. It has been, therefore, of an increased interest for them due to the importance of the positive image given to the individuals’ quality of lives as an alternative to the high concentration of the psychologists to the negative aspects of the individual lives. The word quality of lives is among the concepts which generated much interest in the field of psychology and which the topic of the recent psychological studies is. It is noted that a considerable attention is given generally to the concept of quality of lives, and particularly, to the quality of lives of the individual. The nature of the child's disability induced a severe psychological trauma among all the members of the family especially to the mother, it requires health care from the mother to find out the child’s disability as soon as possible then to meet his special needs, the way to deal with him and how to adapt this child to the new reality aiming at reducing the impact of the disability he suffers from to reach a very high quality level to the mothers. This would help mothers to construct a new positive vision as regard disability. The psychological pressure exerted notably on mothers can also be reduced. As a result, mothers may take an active role; they may participate and improve the quality of their families’ lives. That would have a positive effect on children with autism till they feel compatible about themselves and others. Therefore, they will have even a positive view of themselves and ensure their integration into society. There is a strong interaction and a great effect between mothers and children with autism. Mothers who have had a limited change in the quality of their lives will have an increased ability to deal with their children. As a result, this may lead to a positive effect on the quality of the mothers’ lives. And then, it is rather one of the most modern concepts now and which has highlighted the mothers of children with autism, to seek the way to deal with those mothers, and how to help them to over come the disability consequences on their children.In this paper, we will try to care about the mothers of this category in order to improve the quality of lives of the family from one side, and for a better future to their children with autism.


The quality of lives special needs, children with autism

Author: Nouria Laribi - & Bouazouni Ali
Number of pages: 551-566
DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18033/ijla.4171
Full text:
International Journal of Language Academy
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