Since Arabic is one of the most scalable languages, and the control of automatic processing, the characterization of its morphological inquiry is the link of the contract to connect its various levels and progress in various computer language applications. The conduct of acts in the Arabic language raises many problems related to the diversity of their classifications. This diversity lies in the changes that occur in the conduct of the acts, which leads to the difficulty and inability of the learners to conduct many acts with all pronouns and times. Therefore, this applied study places in the hands of the reader a description of the structures of verbs when attributing them to the pronouns, to form a database that the computer draws for the learner when needed, and can be invested after engineering in various applications. It was adopted in the characterization of the structures of verbs when attributing them to pronouns, to references and sources, the most important of which are: the Dictionary of the Arabic Verbs of Antoine Dahdah, the reference in the Arabic language towards it, and its distribution to Ali Reda and others.

Anahtar Kelimeler

Yazar: Ghrieb Djamila -
Sayfa Sayısı: 442-461
Tam Metin:
International Journal of Language Academy
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