My research (Features of Sufism in the Arab Theatrical Text - Al Hallaj Play as a Example) examines the features of (Sufism) and the intellectual displacement that has arisen on it and on the philosophical foundations on which it was based in building its ethical and ethical system, as the Sufi text is a rich tributary of the theatrical text and benefited it in various forms on the one hand Pronunciation, content and overlapping meanings. At the same time, Sufism cannot be separated from the political, social and cultural position, as the Sufis contributed to an educational and juristic role within the system of life. W their biography and talk about them became a rich historical and dramatic article from which many took and formulated in a literary style, and the researcher chose to choose the play (Al-Hallaj) as a model for that. The current research comprises four chapters. The first chapter, entitled The methodological framework for the research. The research problem is based on the following question: What is Sufism? What are its features in the Arab theatrical text? While the importance of the current research centered on his being searching for the study of (Sufism) as one of the means of divine love and worship and drawing closer to God and is considered the only way to spread the spirit of peace and coexistence within the classes of society, and this was overshadowed in many theatrical texts, but the need for it, as it benefits researchers And students in institutes and colleges of fine arts and those involved in the field of theatrical art. As for the aim of the research: The research aims to: know the features of Sufism in the Arab theatrical text, and the chapter concluded with the definition of terms that were mentioned in the title of the research.


Theatrıcal text, Sufısm, Al-Hallaj Play.

Author: Wesal Khelfah Kadhem Al-BAKRI
Number of pages: 144-169
DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.29228/ijla.42055
Full text:
International Journal of Language Academy
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