The aim of this research is to analyze the impression and perception of the students studying in Kyrgyzstan about Turkey in terms of some variables. The sample of the study consist of 53 students of Yusuf Balasagun National University of Kyrgyzstan, University of Kyrgyzstan Social Sciences and Kyrgyzstan Turkey Manas Universty who visited the province Antalya in Turkey for internship training. The research was descriptive and descriptive survey model was used. For the collection of the data, a questionnaire form was used. In data analysis, the questions evaluating the students’ internship experience were sorted into sub-categories. The averages and frequencies of the items in the sub-categories were determined and survey questions were interpreted according to these numerical data. Results provided by the analysis displays that more than half of the participants marked the item ‘I think we traveled from Bishkek to Antalya without any problem’ as ‘You’re absolutely right’. Additionally, more than half of the participant students answered the item ‘ When we arrived in Antalya, the company welcomed and took us to our permanent residence ’ as ‘you are absoluteley right’. This demonstrates that the company Works in principles, with plans and schedules. Most of the participant students marked the item ‘Company officilas act equally to employees’ as ‘I do not agree’ while several marked as ‘I agree’. The positive or nagative bahaviours of the company can result in some social facts. While positive behaviours create positive effects on the students and orients their thoughts in favor of Turkey and its public, the nagative behaviours prejudices students against the country and its society. The behaviours in the workplace generally perceived as the characteristics of the society and taken as a role-model. It is supposed to be more sensitive to the equal treatment of employees of the employer in the whole kinds of work-environment. The institutional structure and human resources in the related sector, such as the functioning of the social structure, carry out a synergy and formation with different factors. Our study analyzes the effects and contributions of sociolinguistic factors on the social interaction within the scope of this experimental social study.


Socio-linguistic, perception, phenomenon, questionnaire, language reinforcement program, Kyrgyzstan,

Author : Yusuf AVCI - Ayşe DAĞ PESTİL Gamze ÇELİK
Number of pages: 246-269
Full text:
International Journal of Language Academy
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