The skill of speaking, which is effective on persons express their own feelings, thoughts, dreams and impressions is base to communication in our lifes. This skill, which is acquired with a certain level of maturity and shape by a conscious prosses with education is building a bridge between people. It is important and neccessary to Turkish teachers gain the skill of speaking to their own students for persons can communicate accurately and effective in their social life, share their knowledge and accumulation, express their emotions, thoughts and observations. The purpose of this research is define the situation of Turkish teachers use methods and techniques about the skill of speaking which is in the 5, 6, 7, 8th Grade Turkish Teaching Program (2017). While researching, used general scan model. The study group created from 137 Turkish teachers whose are works at Ministry of National Education. The datas collected with “ Turkish Teaching Program, The Skill of Speaking’s Method and Techniques Survey”. The survey which is developed has three additional sections independent of each other. First additional section has ten substance which is recomnended method and techniques about the skill of speaking. Second additional section has seven substance, the third additional section has eight substance for define the level of use of the specified appliances. While the datas anlysising, descriptive analysis has been used. According to survery’s datas, it has been seen that Turkish teachers mostly prefers attended speaking and free speaking of the method and techniques. They prefer mostly impromptu speaking and open-ended questions at the practise. It has been seen that when the materials using, they prefer mostly texts and images in the textbook.


Speaking skill, methods of speech, speech techniques, speech applications , speech materials.

Author : Ümmügülsüm ÖZDOĞAN - İsa SARIÇAM -Fulya TOPÇUOĞLU ÜNAL
Number of pages: 327-341
Full text:
International Journal of Language Academy
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