The term is almost a common factor between all sciences, regardless of their human and scientific orientations. Despite the specificity of each science and the soecificities imposed by the independent nature of the sciences, it does not dispense with the term as a key to open closed doors in every science and art. As Al- khawarizmi says ( the terminology of the keys of science ) and given the intellectual and scientific importance of terminology and the uninterrupted need to generate new terms in every age, time, and the abundance of terms and their intertwining. The generation of terminology has led to the endoscopy of the concept is called the science of terminological or terminology or science of terminology. It was one of the most prominent features of this science that they described was of two dimensions, the first represents the Scientific expressed concepts, . These are related to the science of logic and existence, because the search for the essence of things and their reality represent the first task that should be known to the person who concerned with the science of terminology. The second is the linguistic language that expresses these concepts, and therefore the science of the term lies in the search relationship between these two dimensions. In the light of this concept, the language stands out as a tool of communication. Thus, we can report that the term combines language with other sciences and languages connects with other fields of knowledge to reveal its function and reality as a tool of communication and means of expression. Therefore, the terminology of any science can be subject to linguistic consideration because language is the material of the term, and through this consideration we can explore several scientific facts in the drawing of the relationship between linguistic material ( term) and the concept expressed, and the extent of the arrival of this relationship is the degree of congruence between the parties. Modern history as a science of living sciences has acquired a set of terms that have become common among researchers and writers in this science which formed a language material that can work in the light of a study combining the two parties as concepts of modern history. The origins of these concepts and the essence of language are expressed to prove the Scientific facts and other explanation which based on the means of description, presentation, and analysis. Through our terminology of modern history the ideologies of this science are often derived from non- Arab and Arabic environments. The research revealed that most of the terms of modern history were transferred from non- Arabic to Arabic in three ways: Translation, Arabanzation and Exotic language. The historical terms can therefore be classified as follows:


Author : Gada Gazi Abdulmecid - Maher Mubder Abdulkareem
Number of pages: 406-413
DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.29228/ijla.38225
Full text:
International Journal of Language Academy
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