The human being has conveyed his wishes, pain, desires, orders, and disturbances to other people through verbal communication as of the beginning of life. Despite various ways of communication, the most intensely preferred way of communication is undoubtedly speaking which is preferred in almost all levels of social life. In shopping, education, entertainment, daily life, conferences and symposiums, political arena, parliament, courts ... For this reason, to succeed in society depends on being a good speaker. In particular, pre-service teachers need to overcome their shortcomings with training, books, and exercises. The act of speaking is one of the most commonly used forms of communication. We believe that it is necessary to provide brief information about communication before going any further with speaking. The ability to speak is a very important difference that distinguishes human beings from animals and gives them personality. It is only with this ability that man expresses his feelings, thoughts, dreams, desires, and disturbances. The importance of speaking is also important in the socialization of human beings, which is a social entity, in society. One of the elements that make speech powerful and effective is diction. In this age, the age of communication when capitalism manifests itself in almost every field, the importance of diction is increasing day by day. In the fields of education, art, politics, sales - marketing, advertising, cinema and theatre industry as well as in daily life, particular attention should be paid to diction. How you say is sometimes more important than what we say. That is why there is a great interest in diction courses in big cities. Rhetoric is the pinnacle of the art of speaking. It is the stage in which a person exhibits all his speaking-related skills. The person who speaks in rhetoric aims to convince the other person by using this art consciously rather than merely declaring a feeling, thought and desire. Therefore, speaking becomes an art, apart from expressing a need in rhetoric. This study aims to touch upon the importance of speaking training, diction and rhetoric in communication.


Communication, Rhetoric, Speaking Training, Diction, Media.

Author : Nurullah ULUTAŞ
Number of pages: 28-54
Full text:
International Journal of Language Academy
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