IJLA (International Journal of Language Academy) began broadcasting peer reviewed articles in December, 2013.

IJLA (International Journal of Language Academy) is an international peer reviewed electronic published journal.

IJLA is an academical journal that aims at publishing and presenting the qualified researches in areas such as language, linguistics, literature to the scientists.

IJLA is scholarly journal and it is a periodical published four times a year (Winter - Spring - Summer - Autumn). It also publish special issues  themed around a topic that is particularly current, to coincide with some event or conference,

Each issue’s IJLA editor is different. For that reason there is guest editorship at IJLA.

Each issue of  IJLA  is run by different editors who have different specialties  serving on the editorial board, on an guest editorships 

The guest editor(s) have the responsibility of defining the subject matter, and role, of every article in the issue.

IJLA has got the feature to be an open access journal.


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