Throughout history, the Turks have established numerous states, these states political, military and economic advantage of a variety of methods have to make it successful. With the experience of centuries of the Ottoman Empire brought the state understand the importance of intelligence, and it has been used as an important tool in the state administration. Between these intelligence dil almak widely used is one of the methods. This method can be defined as an enemy combatant, and get information from the prisoners. Intelligence about the enemy army in times of war and peace, the method used to get the Ottoman Empire's political, social, economic, and even cultural life is also affected. Which has an impact on Ottoman land system, the method of historical texts in the field of classical Turkish literature has found a wide cultural. The word dil is used as a military term, used as independent for centuries and in different fields such as dil almak, dil getirmek, dil tutmak in different ways, such as keeping statement has found its place in the Turkish language and literature. Which consists of three sections, the first section of this article as a way to capture intelligence from a historical perspective, after reviewing the literature, how to couch the issue in the second part we will try to reflect that. In the third section as a military term language words and phrases derived from this word since the beginning of the adventure in the history of the Turkish language will endeavor to demonstrate. In our study, all three sections located, historical document-i Al-i Osman, etc. gazavat-name. verse or prose works on history and scanning divans which are above hundred divan.History, literature and languages that are related to the field at the end of each chapter in this study the results of the section are also indicated.


Dil, dil almak, intelligence, divan poetry, espionage.

Author : Haluk GÖKALP
Number of pages: 40-73
DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18033/ijla.123
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International Journal of Language Academy
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