What is a woman and a man? Since the world has been established, the difference of these two notion in a kind of special gamogeneses system is given details by society. Because sexuality not only biological but also is a society process. In this process relationship between sexes are creatured, organized, stated, shaped and society creature, known as woman and a man, are creatured and designated relationship and roles between two sexes.Duygu Asena who is interiorised woman and writer identity is an artificer, approaching the woman’s identity investigation as problematical and trying to find new answer except known paradigm. In her product that not to say something but to intent. It is placed in the center of the text the dominant and the subject are male in all vital areas, social reflections of emotional and intellectual obstacles that determine women's self limits, the situation of your sexuality that turns into a threat mechanism, the importance of economic independence for women, dimensions of physical and mental violence in Asena's works. Kahramanlar Hep Erkek which is formed 13,5 story tells that relationship between woman who is surrounding by society’s role mold and man who do an act with woman and in a superior place. In this product it is examined that woman-man connection and this connection’s sphere of influence. It is epxplained through conflict woman has different job, education and sense and man, woman’s husband or darling. Like other product of writer’s, these stories’ basic etymon is rebellion against woman-man relationship and shatter of commodify woman’s moral existence. In this work, writer's attitude to woman problem will be evaluated around stories in Kahramanlar Hep Erkek that is explained the relationship between woman whose main problem is freedom and man who is 'hero' in literary texts and society life.


Duygu Asena, woman, man, subject, freedom, society

Author : Ülkü ELİUZ
Number of pages: 161-183
DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18033/ijla.3860
Full text:
Alıntı Yap:
International Journal of Language Academy
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