Engaged reading is a merger of motivation and thoughtfulness. Engaged readers seek to understand; they enjoy learning and they believe in their reading abilities. They are mastery oriented, intrinsically motivated, and have self-efficacy. Guthrie, McGough, Bennett, and Rice (1996) found engaged readers be motivated, strategic, knowledgeable, and socially interactive. Engaged readers are motivated to read for a variety of personal goals. They are strategic in using multiple approaches to comprehend. They use knowledge actively to construct new understanding from text. And they interact socially in their approach to literacy.In this study, it was tried to determine the reasons why the students were not being reading engagement, based on the work entitled Eyvah Kitap! taken by Mine Soysal. The study in which the descriptive screening model was used was constructed as a qualitative research. In the study, the data obtained according to a predefined conceptual framework (Reading Engagement Model) was read and edited. The last stage of the data is defined and supported directly in the necessary places. The reasons for not being reading engagement to schooling are discussed under the headings student, family, (mother, father, sister / brother) school, social environment, material etc. Practices that focus on social comparison between children, too much competition, and little attempt to spark children’s interests in different topics can lead to declines in competence beliefs, mastery goals, and intrinsic motivation, and increases in extrinsic motivation and performance goals. Children are already reading comic books and magazines while their intelligence, tendencies and choices allow them to, but they do not like books at all, or describe themselves as under-educated, because it is believed that older people will not be able to meet expectations. It may be advisable to respect individual rights, to offer qualified options and to communicate infinitely, as a remedy for not being reading engagement.


reading engagement, reading education, Eyvah Kitap!

Author : Gülşah METE
Number of pages: 379-393
DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18033/ijla.3883
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Alıntı Yap:
International Journal of Language Academy
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