Nergisi, whose real name is Mehmed was born in Sarajevo. Having used the names Nergisizâde, Nergiszâde from time to time because of his family’s appellation, he had his actual fame with the name Nergisi. Finishing his education in Sarajevo, he came to İstanbul and pay homage to Kafzâde Feyzullah Efendi.Mostly known as munshi and being the only person having a prose hamse in your literature, Nergisî is a poet whose name takes place in tezkires of şuara. In some sources it is expressed that he also has a divan. There are Turkish, Persian and Arabic poems among Nergisi’s prose works. Also in macmua there can be coincided with poems registered to Nergisî. Some of these poems we detect in macmuas also take place in his works. Besides, he also has poems that can be found only in macmua and not in his prose works. One of these poems is a twenty four couplet eulogy in kasida form written for Sarajevo.In this study will be introduced Nergisî’s eulogy for Sarajevo in kasida form detected in a macmua and its form and content will be discussed.


Nergisî, macmua, Sarajevo, eulogy, kasida, urban.

Author : Bahir SELÇUK
Number of pages: 27-39
DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18033/ijla.120
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International Journal of Language Academy
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