Muvaffak Sami Onat (1919-1986) is one of the important artists of Konya. Artist; poet, translator, playwright and critic. Onat; Although he has a wrote in important periodicals such as Varlık, Şadırvan, Hisar and Servet-i Fünun, most of his works take place in Konya newspapers and magazines. In addition to the poetry and translation poems published in Konya, the artist has two plays, three stories and more than seventy writings. Onat expressed his views on literature, painting and music in these writings. But the main point that gains to him a reputation is his reviews. Muvaffak Sami is a poet who personally studied on poetry, painting and music. While he was in Konya, he followed concerts, theaters and exhibitions and wrote articles about them. The artist has evaluated local poets/writers, and made determinations about poets for the past twelve years. During his period, he was perceived as an authority by young poets/writers from Konya. The play “Sevr-Lausanne” in which Sevr and Lausanne dealt with the agreements has features that will be emphasized even today. In “Deli”, he tried to go deeper into human love and a sense of conscience. In his articles on periodicals, he talked about the magazines such as Revolution, Central Anatolia, Monument, and Technique that started to be published recently and helped them to make their names heard. His writings on books have brought dignity in the world of literature. Onat both weighed the works that new authors presented to the readers and informed the readers. In the works on Muvaffak Sami Onat, poetry, stories, theater and writings published in Konya must be taken into consideration. In this study, the works of the artist published in Konya newspapers and magazines were evaluated according to their types.


Konya press, theatre, poem, Artists from Konya, reviews

Author : Mustafa ÖZCAN -Gülsün KOÇER
Number of pages: 221-239
DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.29228/ijla.42726
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International Journal of Language Academy
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