In this study, it was tried to introduce web 2.0 tools that can be used while learning German as a foreign language and contribute to the development of German language skills. In recent years, the use of digital tools and environments that can be used in language learning has increased considerably. Looking at the close relationship of the new generation with digital technology, it is considered that in terms of learning German the necessary use of digital and interactive environments will be supportive in increasing success. However, when it comes to learning German, it is seen that the possibilities of digital technology cannot be used or recognized as well as English learning. In this respect, the research is important for the recognition of networks that will contribute to learning German. In the study, firstly the related literature was searched. The data in the research were obtained by document analysis method. Existing web 2.0 tools were examined and applications that could be used in foreign language learning were selected from these tools. The ones that can be effective and useful for learning German have been identified. How to use these web tools and their contribution to learning German were explained. It has been determined that these tools offer rich and different options for the development of language skills. It was understood that these applications can provide different skills such as reading or writing stories and comics in the target language, developing vocabulary and grammar knowledge, practicing speech, sharing by recording sound, creating various visuals and testing what has been learned. In this context, it was provided in the study recommendations for the more widespread and true use of existing web 2.0 tools in German learning.


Learning German, foreign language, web 2.0 tools

Author : Ceyda YALÇIN
Number of pages: 344-357
DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.29228/ijla.43170
Full text:
Alıntı Yap:
International Journal of Language Academy
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