The civil war in Syria has been affecting many countries economically, socially and socially. Syrians who had no security of life due to war and the war conditions had to migrate to other countries. Turkey is one of the most affected countries from this situation. Intensive immigration has brought many problems including health, nutrition, shelter, work and education. It poses an important responsibility to educators in terms of solving this problem, enabling migrants to have a healthy interaction with the communities of the countries they come from, and to recognize the characteristics and attitudes of the host society. Teaching a qualified Turkish is the most important part of this harmony. In this context, Turkish education should not be considered as an area where only Syrian refugees are provided with the ability to communicate, but they should take on a role that makes them feel the values, social rules and cultural characteristics of the society they live in. The purpose of this study is to identify the problems faced by teachers assigned to teach Turkish to Syrian adults in Public Education Centers during the education process. The research has been created in a qualitative pattern. In the research, semi-structured interview technique, one of the qualitative research techniques has been used, and the data obtained have been analyzed with the content analysis technique. With this analysis, a total of 26 information categories were obtained and these were classified under six themes. According to the results of the research, it has been determined that the problems faced by the teachers assigned to teach Turkish to Syrian citizens in the education process stemmed from the target language, the material, the affective status of the student, the status of the classrooms, the family and the environment.


Public education centers, teaching Turkish as a foreign language, problems

Author : Olcay SALTIK - Hülya PİLANCI
Number of pages: 315-323
DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.29228/ijla.43465
Full text:
Alıntı Yap:
International Journal of Language Academy
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