Meta-critiques in the field of translation studies have always been a guide for translators. It is possible to obtain information about the understanding of translation and the characteristics of the translator that prevails through critiques. The aim of this article is to make a meta-critique of the critique book titled “An analysis of the wrong translation named “ Ve Durgun Akardı Don ”” prepared by Mete Ergin and Gani Yener. The critique book, which was written in response to the positive criticism of the translation of Tektaş Ağaoğlu, is quite remarkable with its sharp headlines. During the meta-critique, titles in the critique book will be discussed on by one and it will be tried to reveal which understanding of translation is dominant. At the same time, the dominant translation understanding of the period in which the critique of translation was made will be examined with the translation history researches in the field of translation studies. The translation understanding of the period and the translation understanding of the critics will be compared. This comparison is thought to be quite enlightening in the meta-critique. In this context, considering that the critique was made in 1966, it will be beneficial to look at the history of translation before 1966. In the theoretical framework of the study, Van den Broeck's article titled “Second Thoughts on Translation Criticism: A Model of its Analytic Function” (1985) will be taken as basis. It will be tried to determine whether a systematic and objective translation criticism has been carried out, whether the critics' own norms outweigh the translator's norms. In the conclusion part of the study, the critics’ norms and translation understanding determined in the critique will be compared with the current criticism norms and the understanding of translation then the difference between them will be discussed.


Meta-critique, Critique, Van den Broeck, translation history

Author : Aslı ARABOĞLU
Number of pages: 358-372
DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.29228/ijla.43626
Full text:
Alıntı Yap:
International Journal of Language Academy
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