Manisa Mufti, Abdi Efendi of and His Poetry Fatwas

Fatwas, which are a legal issue in the Ottoman science, were written in verse and these fatwas attracted great attention. Fatwas written in verse form have been preserved for centuries and recorded in magazines. The giving of the Ottoman fatwas, which were given in a prolific manner, was realized primarily because the asking of the question preferred this way. The sheikh al-Islam and mufti, who were in a prestigious position among the Ottoman divan poets, gave many verse fatwas in various dates. The verse fatwas that we have introduced until today generally belonged to the sheikhs. In this study, verse fatwas of an Ottoman mufti who served in various accidents are introduced. In the Ottoman period, the qadis also performed the fatwa business and reported this situation in their seals and signatures with the phrase 'me'zûn bi'l-iftâ'. İfta means giving fatwa. Abdi Efendi, which we are introducing, lived in the late 16th and early 17th centuries, usually working as a judge and mufti in the Western Anatolian region. He introduced himself as a Manisa mufti in the signature under poetry fatwas. There are many letters and poems in the fevaid type magazine, which also includes some of its fatwas, and most of them appear to be recorded anonymously. There is not enough information about his life for now. We currently have one poetic fatwa.


Abdi Efendi, mufti, Manisa, poetry fetwa.

Author : Muhittin ELİAÇIK
Number of pages: 45-50
DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.29228/ijla.44174
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International Journal of Language Academy
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