A Review of Propaganda Techniques

Author : Salih GÜLERER -Ahmet ASAR
Number of pages : 201-222


Abstract Propaganda that a critical reader should know and be aware of is generally defined as a one-way communication. Although there are frequent studies on propaganda in the fields of international relations, public relations, history, politics, performing arts, radio-television, public administration, communication, law, religion and literature, it is seen that propaganda studies in the field of education in our country are almost not included in the literature. However, the special purposes of the Turkish lessons include the purpose of evaluating what students read with a critical perspective. In this study, first of all, it is aimed to investigate the techniques used for propaganda to be a source for propaganda studies in the field of education. For this purpose, studies on propaganda have been achieved through literature review. It has been investigated which techniques used for propaganda purposes in this study with document analyzing method. It has observed that some propaganda techniques obtained as a result of the research are similarly explained and given different names. The propaganda techniques which is explained same way has been evaluated and then suggested to be combined, classified and their frequencies has been formed. Limited by the studies examined, it has been revealed that the propaganda techniques with the highest frequency are the techniques of name calling, card stacking, testimonials, plain folks or common man, glittering generalities, transfer, bandwagon and inevitable victory techniques suggested by the Propaganda Analysis Institute. In this studies examined, techniques of emotional appeals, simplification, pinpointing the enemy, using prejudices, vagueness , repetition, lying, rationalization, slogans, assertion, least of evils, implication, euphemism, processing information, comparing, assumptions techniques are frequently used techniques has emerged.


Turkish education, critical thinking, propaganda, propaganda techniques

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